Distressed M&A

Company acquisitions, mergers and carve-outs are side effects or even powerful tools for restructuring and turning around ailing companies. The triggers for such transactions in crisis situations are numerous: the divesting of unsalvageable parts of the company, no succession arrangement in place or purely and simply the need for new equity. Similarly, buying up an ailing competitor or supplier to improve one’s own market position is not so unusual nowadays.

Transaction competence in critical times calls above all for turnaround competence. Over the long years of insolvency administration practice with a key focus on corporate turnarounds, BBL has built up a wealth of experience in dealing with company crises. We develop concepts for implementing investments and disinvestments and also for relocations. Our offerings also cover the organisational and practical side of such projects.

  • identifying and approaching potential investors
  • risk-opportunity assessments, especially for deciding between share and asset deals
  • due diligence and purchase price negotiations
  • drafting contracts especially to cover the crisis- and insolvency-related aspects
  • restructuring the workforce, also via transfer companies