Turnaround & Restructuring

A company can find itself in troubled waters when sales and earnings drop, its credit lines are exhausted and urgent payments are looming. The causes of such crises are numerous. Deficits in accounting, idle capacity and overstaffing can lead to financial crises just as much as over-rapid expansion or radical market changes.

Our know-how from our insolvency administration expertise forms a sound foundation for structuring and implementing turnaround and restructuring projects. These require an equally rapid and thorough analysis of all the legal and economic circumstances that form the starting point for developing a global concept for prevention and solution of a crisis.

We advise on turnaround and restructuring projects both outside and as part of ongoing insolvency proceedings. We are capable of all necessary contract drafting and negotiations before or after the opening of insolvency proceedings. One of our core competencies is drafting insolvency plans of restructuring on the basis of which turnaround and restructuring projects can be implemented. As part of the effective and prompt implementation of the turnaround concept we are also prepared to be appointed to the executive bodies of the turnaround object so that it can be self-administered during insolvency proceedings. This combination of insolvency plan proceedings and self-administration is a powerful tool for boosting the successful execution of the turnaround and restructuring project.

We help shareholders and creditors by acting as critical, but constructive observers of turnaround and restructuring projects. We ensure that their interests are served to the best possible extent and help them to identify potential pitfalls.

Lastly we advise investors in the placing of an investment, its collateralisation or when exiting an engagement, primarily in conjunction with restructuring or turnaround projects.