Dr. Florian Linkert



Specialist Lawyer for
Insolvency Law

Krausenstraße 41
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 2000334-00
Fax: +49 30 2000334-99
E-Mail: berlin@bbl-law.de

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Chemnitz, Leipzig, Munich


Dr. Florian Linkert has been working as an insolvency administrator or insolvency trustee (debtor in possession) for many years. Before joining BBL, he worked for several law firms in the field of insolvency administration and restructuring and was founding partner of LB Rechtsanwälte, a leading law firm in the field of insolvency administration located in Berlin. Dr. Linkert has been appointed in over 1000 insolvency cases and specializes in restructuring through asset sales to an SPV, insolvency plans and debtor in possession. Dr. Linkert is a Certified Insolvency Law Specialist.


Law Studies at the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität)

Dr. iur. (Ph.D. equivalent) at the TU Dresden, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lüke, LL.M. about insolvency risks in ABS-Transactions

2002 - 2004 Legal Clerkship in Berlin/Brandenburg and San Francisco, USA

2005 - 2006 EY Law Luther Menold / Huntemann Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Insolvency Administration, Restructuring

2007 - 2008 mmf Mai Mönig Fahlbusch, Insolvency Administration

2009 - 2017 LB Rechtsanwälte, Founding Partner, Insolvency Administration, Restructuring

2013 Certified Insolvency Law Specialist

since 2017 BBL Brockdorff


SKB Schmerzklinik Berlin GmbH, insolvency administratorNumerous insolvency proceedings concerning physicians and pharmacistsThomas Niclas die Dachdecker GmbH, insolvency administratorMore
Ring Vier Business Media GmbH & Co. KG, insolvency administratorOHS Aviation Services GmbH, insolvency trusteeModeinstitut Berlin GmbH, insolvency administratorHOSEMA GmbH Hotelservice- und Management GmbH, insolvency administratorFleischerei Hoffmann, insolvency administratorAlpha Travel Consultants GmbH, insolvency administrator


Anspruch auf Umwandlung von genehmigten Arztanstellungen in Zulassungen nach „Auflösung“ eines MVZ, Anm. zu BSG, Urteil v. 11.10.2017 – B 6 KA 27/16 R, NZI 2018, 616 ff. (with K. Machatschek)Bankruptcy Remoteness – Die “Insolvenzferne” des SPV bei ABS – Transaktionen in den USA, RIW 3/2008, 104 ff.


Registered Association of lnsolvency AdministratorsNIVD Neue Insolvenzverwaltervereinigung Deutschlands e.V.Working Committee on Insolvency Law of Berlin/BrandenburgMore
Working Group for insolvency law and restructuring with the German Bar AssociationLeipziger Insolvenzrechtsforum e.V.German Bar AssociationBerlin Lawyers Association