Markus Birkmann



Specialist Lawyer for
Insolvency Law

Krausenstraße 41
10117 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 2000334-00
Fax: +49 30 2000334-99

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Bochum, Dortmund


Before joining BBL, Markus Birkmann had been practicing law in various regional law firms fo-cused on insolvency administration and restructuring. From 2009 to 2017 he was founding partner of LB Rechtsanwälte. Since 2011 Markus Birkmann is a Certified Insolvncy Law Specialist and since 2008 he has been appointed as insolvency administrator. He has a broad experience in restructuring companies and has been appointed by various insolvency courts in more than 1,000 cases. Numerous companies have been successfully restructured due to Markus Birkmann’s expertise.


Law Studies at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

2001 - 2003 Legal Clerkship in Bochum, Dortmund and Berlin

2004 - 2008 mmf Mai Mönig Fahlbusch, Insolvency Administration

2009 - 2017 LB Rechtsanwälte, Founding Partner, Insolvency Administration, Restructuring

2011 Certified Insolvency Law Specialist

since 2017 BBL Brockdorff


Gaza Holzhandels GmbH, insolvency administratorDiakonische Integhrationsbetriebe Dortmund Bochum Lünen gGmbH, insolvency administratorAll-Infra GmbH, insolvency administratorMore
Holzknechts Gaststätten Betriebs GmbH, insolvency administratorKS Kanalsanierung Siegerland GmbH, insolvency administratorWOBEV GmbH & Co. KG, insolvency administratorWOBEV Wohnungswirtschaftliche Beratung und Verwaltung GmbH, insolvency administratorCossis GmbH, insolvency administratorFleischerei Köster GmbH, insolvency administratorTKL Transport & Küchenlogistik GmbH, insolvency administratorInsolvency plan to enable a natural person a fresh start (restructuing of debt of about 40 million Euro)Advice to an insolvency administrator (group of companies) regarding defense against rights of separation in connection with a complex collateral structure (insurance and real estate)


NIVD Neue Insolvenzverwaltervereinigung Deutschlands e.V.Arbeitskreis für Insolvenzwesen Köln e.V.Berlin-Brandenburger Arbeitskreis für Insolvenzrecht e.V. (Working Committee on Insolvency Law of Berlin/Brandenburg)More
Berlin Lawyers AssociationGerman Bar AssociationWorking Group for insolvency law and restructuring with the German Bar Association