Marvin Bauernfeind


Westenhellweg 92-94
44137 Dortmund
Tel.: +49 231 17749-82
Fax: +49 231 17749-84

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Bochum, Recklinghausen


From the early beginning of his lawyer career, Marvin Bauernfeind has been concerned with the field of insolvency and commercial law. For more than 12 years the administration of insolvency has been making up a great part of this field of work. Since 2008, regular appointments have been made as insolvency administrator and trustee in various courts in North Rhine-Westphalia in more than 1.000 proceedings of all sizes. Simultaneously Mr B has found additional challenges in the field of corporate reorganization through self-administration and the implementation of insolvency plans in numerous consulting mandates since 2014.



Working Group for insolvency law and restructuring with the German Bar Association